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Politics Notes

Choose from our range of Politics Notes and revision materials, all prepared by top students during their studies.*

20th Century British Politics Notes

Six substantial sets of essay notes on significant periods of 20th century British politics.

Adam Smith Notes

This is part of the History of Political Thought series covering Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, American Revolution, Friedrich Nietzsche, Carl Schmitt (Weimar Republic), Rights and Utilitarianism and Property and Markets. This packag

British Constitution Notes

This is part of the British Politics series covering Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative governments (1979-97), New Labour and British Constitution. This package contains: (1) exam notes on the 'British Constitution' and (2) an essay titled 'What,

British Politics 1900-1991 Notes

20th century British politics: New Liberalism, Inter-war politics, Attlee government, Conservativism 1951-64, Thatcher.

Contemporary British Politics Notes

British political institutions post-1992: constitutional reform, parliament, cabinet, civil service, devolution, Northern Ireland.

Critical Security Studies Notes

Looking for DETAILED, CONCISE and CITED notes on Critical Security Studies? To ensure effective revision and exam success, my notes are structured to correspond with past paper questions and possible variations. For trickier concepts like 'performativ

East Asian Transformations (Political Economy) Notes

Region & regional identity; regionalism; regionalization; globalization; New Regionalism; Plaza Accord; Asian Financial Crisis; Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP); Belt & Road Initiative (BRI); China's rise; European Union; the ASEAN W

European Union Notes

This package contains: comprehensive exam notes on all aspects of the EU and three essays titled 'What accounts for the EU’s repeated decision to engage in Treaty change?', 'Can the European Commission still be characterised as a "motor of integration

Friedrich Nietzsche Notes

This package contains (1) exam notes (2) an essay titled 'In what ways, if any, did Nietzsche offer a political philosophy of the modern state?' Style: The content always makes sense chronologically. The document is usually divided into two halves: hi

Gender and Development Notes

Gender; Women in Development (WID) approach; social reproduction; Gender and Development (GAD) approach Waves of feminism; Liberal/Western feminism; feminist standpoint theory; Black feminism; intersectionality; Postmodern/Postcolonial feminism; Hasht

International Political Economy Notes

Adam Smith; anti-mercantilism; the Invisible Hand; non-interventionism; Das Adam Smith Problem; The Theory of Moral Sentiments; anti-colonial liberalism; the marketization of higher education; Brexit David Ricardo; labor theory of value; absolute adva

International Relations Notes

These notes contain a complete summary of my module on International Relations. The notes cover the main topics of IR, and each set of notes consists of an in-depth analysis of how the topic relates back to core IR theory, multiple examples and case-s

International Relations in the Cold War Notes

Mike Bowker & Phil Williams. Superpower Détente: a Reappraisal. London: Sage Publications, 1988

Aaron L. Friedberg. ‘The Evolution of US Strategic “Doctrine”’. Samuel P. Huntingdon (ed.), The Strategic Imperative: New Politics for American Security

Issues in Political Theory Notes

Robert Nozick; John Rawls; self-ownership; private property; end-state theory; historical entitlement theory; just distribution of holdings; Wilt Chamberlain example; Locke's Proviso The right to parent one's biological baby; fiduciary model of parent

Margaret Thatcher and British Politics 1979-1997 Notes

This is part of the British Politics series covering Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative governments (1979-97), New Labour and British Constitution. This package contains: (1) exam notes on Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative governments (1979-9

New Labour (1997-2010) Notes

This is part of the British Politics series covering Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative governments (1979-97), New Labour and British Constitution. This package contains: (1) exam notes on New Labour (1997-2010) and an essay titled 'Is New Labour

Political Sociology Notes

Key themes in contemporary political sociology: nationalism, race and religion, gender, political participation, civic culture, media and education.

Political Theory From Hobbes Notes

Ontology; epistemology; philosophical approach to political theory; historical approach to political theory Thomas Hobbes; Leviathan; state of nature; obligation in foro interno; obligation in foro externo; geometric reasoning; totalitarianism; Rousse

Presidential vs Parliamentary Systems Notes

Complete set of notes on the debate as to the relative benefits and disadvantages of presidential and parliamentary systems of government.

- Extensive analysis of works by Linz, Ljiphart and their critics
- An essay on the distinctive featu

Politics - Comparative Politics - Semi-Presidentialism Notes

Notes on semi-presidentialism as a form of government, with specific focus on division of power between the president and parliament

- Notes on Elgie's extensive studies of semi-presidentialism
- Case study notes on France under a semi-pres

Politics of International Development Notes

Development; post-development; poverty pornography; Orientalism Washington Consensus; structural adjustment; market fundamentalism; neo-colonialism; global benchmarking; social reproduction; developmental state; embedded autonomy Sustainable developme

Politics of the USA Notes

Keith E. Whittington. Constitutional Interpretation: Textual Meaning, Original Intent and Judicial Review. Lawrence, Kansas: University Press of Kansas, 1999

John Hart Ely. Democracy and Distrust: A Theory of Judicial Review. Cambridge, MA: Harvard

Theories of International Relations Notes

Realism; egoism; human nature; international anarchy; self-help; classical realism vs. neorealism; E. H. Carr; Hans Morgenthau; Kenneth Waltz Alexander Wendt; cultures of anarchy; intersubjectivity; Alter & Ego Geopolitics; End of History; Clash of Ci





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