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15 yrs

In Business
Epistemology & Metaphysics (Knowledge & Reality) Notes
83 total pages
16 purchased

These notes provide both a comprehensive introduction to epistemolog...

Ethics Notes
42 total pages
26 purchased

These notes provide both a comprehensive introduction to both ethica...

Ethics Notes
18 total pages
27 purchased


Knowledge and Reality Notes
4 total pages
7 purchased

Notes on personal identity....

Labour Economics: Discrimination Notes
12 total pages
1 purchased

• Overview
• Gender Discrimination
Race Discrimination
Taste based d...

Labour Economics: Internal Labour Markets Notes
9 total pages

Theoretical Background

Labour Economics: Minimum Wage Revision Notes
10 total pages
1 purchased

Theoretical Effects: PC Model
Theoretical Effects: Dynamic ...

Labour Economics: Pay Systems Revision Notes
10 total pages

Importance of Compensation
Agency Model
Time Rates
Piece Ra...

Labour Economics: Unemployment Notes
22 total pages
3 purchased

Trends in OECD Employment
Natural Rate of Unemployment & PS/WS Frame...

Labour Economics: Union Membership Notes
9 total pages

Theoretical Framework:
Collective Voice Theory

Marx and Marxism Notes
34 total pages
22 purchased

Notes on several of Marx and Engel's most important texts, as well a...

Philosophy of Mind Notes
83 total pages
17 purchased

These notes provide both a comprehensive introduction to the philoso...

Philosophy of Science & Philosophy of Social Science Notes
50 total pages
7 purchased

These notes provide both a comprehensive introduction to the philoso...

Politics: Comparative Government - Executives Notes
27 total pages
11 purchased

1. Forms of executives
2. Effects of executive format
a. ...

Politics: Comparative Government - Federalism Notes
16 total pages
9 purchased

Very comprehensive notes and thoughts on federalism based on a combi...

Politics: Comparative Government - Judiciary Notes
14 total pages
5 purchased

Literature Analyses & Tutorial Discussion
1. Judicialisation of poli...

Politics: Comparative Government - Legislature Notes
39 total pages
7 purchased

Comparative Study Of Legislatures Globally - Literature summaries, t...

Politics: Comparative Government - Methodology Notes
20 total pages
3 purchased

- Comprehensive Methodology Literature Summaries
- Tutorial and Clas...

Politics: Comparative Government - Parties & Party Systems Notes
19 total pages
14 purchased

Parties: Literature Summaries, Class Analysis & Tutorial Notes

- Ke...

Sociological Theory Notes
77 total pages
10 purchased

Notes on ideology, class, and methodology. Including summaries of B...

The Philosophy of Science and Social Science Notes
88 total pages
18 purchased

Notes on various texts and debates in the philosophy of science and ...

Wittgenstein Notes
96 total pages
4 purchased

Notes on Wittgenstein's later writings on meaning, language, rules a...

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