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Commercial Solvents Corporation v Commission

[1974] European Court Reports 1974 -00223

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Judgement for the case Commercial Solvents Corporation v Commission

 Facts: US company that manufactured raw material needed to make medical drug to treat tuberculsiis At some point, they decided not only to make raw material abt also make drug itself. Until then Commercial solvents had been supplying this to Italian company. So when they decided that they would make the drug themselves, they stopped supply of raw material to Italian company. From moment they decided to vertically integrate, they stopped supply. Italians complained and court after finding that commercial solvent were dominant they looked if refusal to supply was abusive.

Held, it was, two main reasons: 1. Paid a lot of attention to fact that Italian company was a long-standing customer, ie that Italian company had relied on commercial solvents for continuity of supplies. 2. it was clear that intention of US company was to drive Italian company out of the market

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