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Irvine v Talksport Ltd [2003] EWCA Civ 423

By Oxbridge Law TeamUpdated 03/12/2023 21:01

Judgement for the case Irvine v Talksport Ltd

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Intellectual Property Law

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  • C was a famous F1 racing driver, Eddie Irvine.

  • D, TalkSport, was a radio station who won rights to broadcast commentary of F1 races; sent out 1,000 brochures to likely advertisers attempting to get them to advertise between races. Brochure had picture of Eddie Irvine on front, doctored in order to show C holding a radio with words ‘Talk Radio’ (former name of D) on it.

  • Held:

    • Purpose of passing off is to protect C’s exclusive right to use of his reputation or goodwill.

    • Therefore 3 elements of passing off are equally applicable to cases of false endorsement.

    • No need for C to show a specific or direct loss of business, at least in the short-term

      • suffices that misrepresentation will cause long-term damage to market value of C’s endorsement


  • On facts:

    1. Eddie Irvine had considerable goodwill as result of popularity of F1 racing.

    2. D’s actions were a misrepresentation that C had endorsed talksport

    3. Was potential for long-term damage to C’s goodwill

      1. i.e. damage to market value of C’s endorsement

      2. Thus passing off.

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