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League Against Cruel Sports v Scott

[1986] QB 240

Case summary last updated at 17/01/2020 21:02 by the Oxbridge Notes in-house law team.

Judgement for the case League Against Cruel Sports v Scott

The plaintiff company owned various parcels of unfenced moorland, which had been acquired in order to establish sanctuaries for wild animals, and over which it did not allow hunting. Following a number of separate incursions onto its land by the local hunt, the plaintiff claimed against the defendants, who were joint masters of the hunt, that they had on several occasions, either by themselves, their servants or agents, or by hounds controlled by them, trespassed on the land, and it claimed against the defendants a declaration, damages, and injunctions to restrain the defendants from further such incursions. Park J held that if either Ds or their servants or agents had entered the land (or allowed their hounds to do so) whether by intention or negligence, they would be liable for trespass. This was the case. 

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