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Law Cases

Our in-house law team, headed by Jack Kinsella an Oxford law graduate, has compiled a comprehensive list of 1610 case law summaries to help you with your studies.

Law cases by module

Name Reference Subtopic
IRC v Blackwell [1925] 10 TC 235 Income tax Cases
Johnstone v Chamberlain [1933] 17 TC 706 Income tax Cases
Lord Tollemache v IRC [1926] 11 TC 277 Income tax Cases
Drummond v Collins [1915] 6 TC 525 Income tax Cases
Corbett v IRC [1943] 2 All E.R. 218 Income tax Cases
Baker v Archer-Shee [1927] UKHL 1 Income tax Cases
Kelly v Rogers [1935] 19 TC 692 Income tax Cases
Williams v Singer [1920] UKHL 2 Income tax Cases
Bond v Pickford [1983] STC 517 Capital gains tax Cases
Kirby v Thorn EMI plc [1987] BTC 462 Capital gains tax Cases
Zim Properties Ltd v Procter [1985] 58 TC 371 Capital gains tax Cases
Drummond v Austin Brown [1984] BTC 142 Capital gains tax Cases
Davenport v Chilver [1969] 57 TC 661 Capital gains tax Cases
Davis v Powell [1978] 51 TC 492 Capital gains tax Cases
O'Brien v Benson's Hosiery (Holdings) Ltd [1981] 53 TC 241 Capital gains tax Cases
Marren v Ingles [1980] 3 All ER 95 Capital gains tax Cases
IRC v Montgomery [1975] 49 TC 679 Capital gains tax Cases
Redrow Homes (Yorkshire) v Wright [2004] ICR 1126 The composition of the workforce in fact and law Cases
Byrne Brothers (Formwork) Ltd v Baird [2002] IRLR 96 The composition of the workforce in fact and law Cases
Harrods v Remick [1998] ICR 156 The relationship between ec law and national law Cases