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Law Cases

Our in-house law team, headed by Jack Kinsella an Oxford law graduate, has compiled a comprehensive list of 1673 case law summaries to help you with your studies.

Law cases by module

Name Reference Subtopic
Ivey v Genting Casinos (UK) Ltd t/a Crockfords [2017] UKSC 67 Property Offences; Theft; Dishonesty Cases
Sienkiewicz v Greif (UK) Ltd [2011] UKSC 10 Negligence: Causation; Fairchild Exception Cases
Michael v Chief Constable of South Wales Police [2015] UKSC 2 Negligence: Duty & Standard of Care Cases
R v Jogee [2016] UKSC 8 Complicity; Joint Enterprise Cases
R v Golds [2016] UKSC 61 Homicide; Voluntary Manslaughter; Diminished Responsibility Cases
R v Gnango [2011] UKSC 59 General Part; Mens Rea; Transferred Malice Cases
R v Hughes [2013] UKSC 56 General Part; Actus Reus; Causation Cases
Jackson v Murray [2015] UKSC 5 Defences; Contributory Negligence Cases
Baker v Quantum Clothing Group [2011] UKSC 17 Negligence: Duty & Standard of Care; Standard of Care; Cost of Prevention Cases
Dryden v Johnson Matthey plc [2018] UKSC 18 Negligence: Kinds of Damage; Physical Damage Cases
James-Bowen v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2018] UKSC 40 Negligence: Duty & Standard of Care; Duty of Care Cases
Darnley v Croydon Health Services NHS Trust [2018] UKSC 50 Negligence: Duty & Standard of Care; Duty of Care Cases
Khan v Meadows [2021] UKSC 21 Negligence: Remoteness; SAAMCO Principle Cases
Patel v Mirza [2016] UKSC 42 Resulting Trust; Defences; Illegality Cases
Regency Villas Ltd v Diamond Resorts (Europe) Ltd [2018] UKSC 57 Easements; Requirements for Validity Cases
Habberfield v Habberfield [2019] EWCA Civ 890 Proprietary Estoppel; Relief Cases
Transfield Shipping Inc v Mercator Shipping Inc (The Achilleas) [2008] UKHL 48 Remedies; Limitations on Damages; Remoteness Cases
Mexfield Housing Cooperative Ltd v Berrisford [2012] 1 AC 955 Lease; Uncertain Term Cases
Jones v Kernott [2012] 1 AC 776; UKSC 53 Family Homes; Common Intention Constructive Trust Cases
Royal Bank of Scotland v Etridge [2002] 2 AC 773 Undue Influence; General Cases
Golden Strait Corporation v Nippon Kubishika Kaisha (The Golden Victory) [2007] UKHL 12 Remedies; Limitations on Damages; Date of Assessment Cases
AXA Sun Life Services v Campbell Martin [2011] EWCA Civ 133 Misrepresentation; Exclusion of Liability / Misrepresentation Act 1967 Cases
LauritzenCool AB v Lady Navigation [2004] EWHC 2607 Remedies; Specific Remedies; Prohibitory Injunction Cases
Manchester Building Society v Grant Thornton LLP [2021] UKSC 20 Negligence; SAAMCO Principle Cases
Morris-Garner v One Step (Support) Ltd [2018] UKSC 20 Remedies; Measure of Damages; Negotiating Damages Cases