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Competition Law Cases

Name Reference Subtopic
R (Daly) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2001] 2 WLR 1622 Human Rights in the UK Cases
Harris v Minister of the Interior (no.2) [1952] 4 SA 769 Parliamentary sovereignty Cases
British Railways Board and Another v Pickin [1974] 1 All ER 608 Parliamentary sovereignty Cases
R v HM Treasury ex p British Telecommunications [1996] ECR I-1631 European Communities Law Cases
Lake airways Ltd v Dept of trade [1977] QB 643 Composition and Role of the Executive Cases
Italian Flat Glass [1992] European Court Reports 1992 II-01403 Dominant Position Cases
Bronner v Mediaprint [1998] Case C-7/97 Dominant Position Cases
Commercial Solvents Corporation v Commission [1974] European Court Reports 1974 -00223 Dominant Position Cases
Microsoft Corp, v Commission of the European Communities [2007] Case T-201/04 Dominant Position Cases
Michelin II [2005] March Volume 1, Issue 1 Dominant Position Cases
Tetra Pak v Commission [1996] Case C-333/94 Dominant Position Cases
Michelin v Commission [1983] Case 322/81 Dominant Position Cases
Hugin v Commision [1979] Case 22/78 Dominant Position Cases
United Brands v Commission [1978] Case 27/76 Dominant Position Cases
Continental Can v Commission [1973] Case 6-72 Dominant Position Cases
Delimitis v Henninger Bräu [1991] CaseC-234/89 Agreement, Decision and Concerted Practice Cases
Consten v Grundig [1966] ECLI:EU:C:1966:41 Rule of Competition Applicable to Undertaking Cases
Volkswagen AG v Commission [2003] Case T-208/01 Agreement, Decision and Concerted Practice Cases
Bayer AG v Commission [1996] Case T-41/96 R Agreement, Decision and Concerted Practice Cases
Ford-Werke AG and Ford of Europe Inc. v Commission [1985] ECR -02725 Agreement, Decision and Concerted Practice Cases
AEG-Telefunken v Commission Case [1983] ECR. 3151 Administrative Procedure Cases
Woodpulp II [1993] ECR I-1307 Agreement, Decision and Concerted Practice Cases
CRAM and Rheinzink v Commission [1984] ECr 1679 Merger Regulation Cases