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Discrimination Notes

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This is an extract of our Discrimination document, which we sell as part of our Employment Law Notes collection written by the top tier of City Law School students.

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Discrimination General Principles?

Equality Act 2010 o Before, lots of legislation in 1970s and Regulations since o EA brought in to consolidate. Repeals most previous discrimination law o Sets out 9 protected characteristics
? Age
? Disability
? Gender Reassignment
? Marriage and CP
? Pregnancy and maternity
? Race
? Religion or belief
? Sex
? Sexual Orientation
? (NEW: Kaltoft case has suggested weight may be a disability) o Some discrimination does not apply to all of the characteristics, e.g. pregnancy Common elements to all claims under EA o No qualifying service period and no need to be an employee (e.g. applicant for job can claim) o Uncapped compensation o Injury to feelings can be claimed o Vicarious liability
? Employer can be liable for actions of employees or third party behaviour o Motive is irrelevant o Time limit is 3 months
? From act complained of
? Can be extended if just and equitable to extend

Direct discrimination - s.13??Definition: o Person treats another less favourably than they would treat others because of a protected characteristic Application: o Applies to all protected characteristics Test:

o Whether C would have received the same treatment but for their protected characteristic o Must have a comparator, real or hypothetical o Burden of proof on employee Discrimination by perception o Incorrectly thought to have a protected characteristic and discriminated against on that basis Discrimination by association o Discriminated against because of association with someone who has a protected characteristic

Indirect discrimination - s.19Definition o A discriminates against B if A applies to B a provision, criterion or practice which is discriminatory in relation to B's protected characteristic

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