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ADVICE 2 The tribunal would also give you a compensatory award. This is intended to put you into the financial position you would have been in had you not been unfairly dismissed. The amount will be whatever the tribunal regards as just and equitable in all the circumstances. However, in your case, the maximum they could give you would be _______________________ (being one year gross salary).

There are a number of heads of loss that the tribunal could award you for. Going through them briefly.

Loss of Earnings You can claim for your loss of earnings. So this will be based on your net earnings at the time you were dismissed. This will start from the effective date of termination, which is the day after you were dismissed. And it will continue up to the point the tribunal sees fit.

Now I note that you have a new job which pays the same as your old job. So the effect of this is that you would only be able to claim for loss of earnings up to the point you started your new job.

Expenses You can claim for the expenses you've reasonably incurred looking for new employment. So as you said ...

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