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Brand Communities Muniz and O'Guinn: 'a specialized, non-geographically bound community, ased on a structured set of social relations among admirers of a brand.' 3 common markers: Shared consciousness, rituals and traditions, and moral responsibility. Origins
? Belongingness hypothesis - humans have a pervasive drive to form and maintain interpersonal relationships, these can be established through consumption.
? Festinger: social comparison theory - group together with similar individuals and undertake behaviour that reinforces conformity.
? Zaglia: brand communities are a reaction to traditional forms of collectivism.
? And have been liberated from geography due to inexpensive and accessible communication. A move to co-creation
? General movement in marketing away from an economics derived logic, in which firm and customer are separate and discrete, towards a view of co-creation, with customers collaborating in the innovation process and becoming endogenous to the firm. o Brand communities have emerged as a method through which consumers have an active role in the value creation process. o Supports 3 emerging perspectives in marketing:
? Value is manifest in the collective enactment of practices, favouring investments in networks rather than consumer-firm dyads.
? Ceding control to customers enhances customer engagement and build brand equity.
? Firms derive added value by creatively using willing customer resources.
? Shau et al - 4 thematic categories of value creating practices in communities - work closely together to enhance the value people realize when engaged in brand communities, and promote the collective health and welfare of the social bodies centred on brands: o SN practices: creating, enhacing and sustaining ties among members. Highlights similarities, frequent contact enables friendships beyond brand boundaries. o Impression management: external, outward focus on creating favourable impressions of the brand. o Community engagement: badging, milestoning, documenting.

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