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Sometimes unclear if consent forms part of the AR (absence of consent) (R v Brown)or stands alone as a defence - but treated as a defence for purpose of GDL


Two elements: whether the V consented, and whether the D believed the V consented o

It is for the prosecution to prove that the V did not consent and that the D did not believe in his consent R v Donavon

When is consent a defence to an offence against the person?
The general rule:


Consent is only available to assault and battery: AG's Reference (No 6 of 1980): 'it is not in the public interest that people should try to cause or should cause each other actual bodily harm for no good reason': only 'minor struggles'


Rule was confirmed by HL in R v Brown: homosexuals causing injury to each other - defence of consent failed as couldn't be used for anything greater than a battery unless it fell under one of the accepted 'good reasons' such as 'organised sporting contests and games, parental chastisement or reasonable surgery' per Lord Jauncey


R v Meachen: extension of consent to include more serious harm (s 47 ABH) in certain circumstances: o

Consent available where the D intended only to commit a battery with the consent of the victim and did not see the risk of inflicting ABH


If however the D intended to cause ABH, then consent is not available as a defence, even if the V consented


Situation regarding being reckless as to causing ABH with V's consent is still unclear


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