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Revision: Criminal

The Basic Offence


S1(1) Criminal Damage Act 1971


Five Elements:

1. Damage;

2. Property;

3. Belonging to Another;

4. Without lawful excuse; and

5. Intention or reckless as to the damage or destruction

Actus Reus (a) Destroy or Damage o

1971 Act does not define 'damage' or 'destroy' - generally agreed that to destroy something is to damage it


Whether property is damaged is a question of fact and degreeSamuels v Stubbs: difficult to have a definition - guided by circumstances of each case, the nature of the article and the mode by which it was affected


Doesn't need to render property useless/prevent it from serving normal function


A (a juvenile) v R: Spitting on policeman's coat was not criminal damage - implies that there must be some expense on the part of the owner to restore property to previous condition


Hardman v Chief Constable of Avon: damage need not be permanent (soluble paint)


Roe v Kingerlee: mud spread on the walls of police cell was damage even though could be easily removed


Common sense approach approved by Morphitis v Salmon: Criminal damage includes physical harm and also temporary impairment of value/usefulness - here impairment of usefulness of a barrier

(b) Property o

s10(1) Criminal Damage Act 1971: must be tangible whether real or personal, including moneys10(1)(a) - including wild creatures which have been tameds10(1)(b) - not including mushrooms, fruit, foliage growing wild on any land 1

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