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Reformation and Counter-Reformation Notes on the Reformation/Counter-Reformation:The Reformation was initiated in 1517 by the publishing of Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses.Reformers objected to the Catholic Church and the papacy that run it.Preceded by earlier events such as the Black Death and the Western Schism which caused many people to lose faith in the established Catholic Church.Reformation was ended by the Thirty Years War conclusion with the Treaty of WestphaliaTreaty of Westphalia: o

All parties would now recognise the Treaty of Augsburg


Right to practice faith in public during allotted times


Ended the Pope's pan-European power; his nullification of the treaty was ignored by sovereigns throughout EuropeLow literacy rates hindered the expansion of ProtestantismImpact of war on religious clergyIf a Protestant area was captured by Catholics, the clergy would be killed or exported and replaced with Catholic clericsLanguage barrier when preachingVernacular prints and songs helped spread the reformers message

Counter-ReformationComprised of four major elements: o

Ecclesiastical reconfigurationo

Religious orderso


Spiritual movementso

Foundation of seminaries for the proper training of priests in the spiritual life and theological traditions of the Church

New movement focused on devotional life and a personal relationship with Christ; Spanish mystics & French school of spirituality

Political dimensions

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