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Plea Before Venue, Allocation Of Trial And Committal Proceedings Notes

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Plea before venue, allocation of trial and committal proceedings 1) Plea before venue

What offences does this apply to?

Either way offences

What is the procedure for plea before venue?

1) Advance information is supplied to the defence to give the defendant a summary of the case against him.

2) The charge is written down and read to the defendant

3) Court will explain to the defendant he can indicate guilty or not guilty

4) Court will explain if pleads guilty, they will convict him but may send him to the crown court if their sentencing powers are inadequate

5) Defendant will indicate whether pleads guilty or not guilty:

Pleads guilty

Magistrates convict

Pleads not guilty or no plea entered

Magistrates proceed to allocation of trial

May commit to crown court to sentence - s.3 Powers of the Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000

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