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LPC Law Notes Family Notes

Family Hearing Notes

Updated Family Hearing Notes

Family Notes


Approximately 181 pages

A collection of the best LPC Family Law notes the director of Oxbridge Notes (an Oxford law graduate) could find after combing through twenty-nine LPC samples from outstanding students with the highest results in England and carefully evaluating each on accuracy, formatting, logical structure, spelling/grammar, conciseness and "wow-factor".

In short these are what we believe to be the strongest set of LPC Family Law notes available in the UK this year. This collection of notes is fully updated...

The following is a more accessible plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our Family Notes. Due to the challenges of extracting text from PDFs, it will have odd formatting:

Choice of Forum

Habitual Residence/ Domicile-

Steps to take

  1. Act quickly

  2. Instruct a family lawyer in Germany to advise on:

    • Whether there is a clear choice of forum

    • Laws that a German court will apply

    • Type/ quantum of financial orders

    • Any material difference in law/ procedure/ enforcement

  3. Compare position E&W v Germany and advice client about pros and cons

  1. What different courses of action would you advise?

    • Speak to Debbie- most couples agreed and do not need court order, less expensive

    • Send a formal letter to Debbie- make sure Debbie knows what Myles want

    • Negotiations- prob solicitor to solicitor when clients are angry at each other

    • Mediation not effective when violence or abuse (if not able to have sensible discussion)

    • Arbitration- binding results (compare to mediation)

    • Collaborative law- agreed not to start court proceedings, need to disinstruct solicitor and possible cost order if violate

    • Child Arrangements Order- Living arrangements

    • Specific Order- Instruct to do something

    • Prohibitive Order- Not allowing to do something

    • MIAM- learn about mediation (C100 exceptions)

    • Issue s.8 applications if above efforts fail

  2. Will be eligible for legal aid? If not what options are available to him?

    • Legal aid only available for cases of Domestic violence or harming of children’s life

    • Legal aid available to meditation, still need to meet means test

    • If legal aid is available for mediation, also eligible for help for meditation (Form CW1- means and merits tests)

    • Other than pay from savings, private funding options available: insurance, loan, legal services order, sears tooth agreement, unbundling

  3. In the event that an application to court is unavoidable, research what form is required to make the application. Complete a copy of the relevant form to make the application (obtainable via the Justice website or other means).

    • Different case number and court than divorce (possible different position as applicant and respondent)

    • Choice of court- London (wife-friendly court)

    • Drug/ alcohol abuse is more serious than concern on risk of harm, usually rely on being the main carer all the time

    • Parental responsibility

      • Mother- automatic for birth mother

      • Father- automatic if married to mother, parental responsibility order, appointed guardian (PR upon mother’s death), named on birth certificate(born after 2003), agreed parental responsibility arrangement, child arrangement’s order(automatic when named to live with father)

  1. Does we have a choice as to whether she issues the proceedings to see the children in England and Wales or Spain? (Please refer to the PLC article titled ‘Establishing jurisdiction in proceedings concerning children’ which you read as part of your preparation for the Workshop.)

    • Brussels II and Hague convention- court have jurisdiction where children has habitual residence

    • S.2 FLA 1986

    • Brussels II Revised- ‘right of access

    • ...

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