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Ulcers Notes

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Ulcers "A breach in an epithelial surface" Can be classified
- Vascular o 85% venous o 15% arterial
- Neoplastic o BCC, SCC (chronic ulcers can also become neoplastic)
- Neuropathic o Diabetes
- Traumatic o Burns, cold, polycythemia, pressure sores

Features to look for on examination Site
- Legs and feet = vascular, neck/groin/axilla = TB anywhere =
malignant Surface
- Usually depressed - look for vascular granulations Size
- Is it large compared to history? Fast growing = pyoderma gangrenosum Shape
- Circular, straight edges, irregular Edges
- Eroded = spreading
- Shelved = healing
- Punched out = Syphillitic
- Rolled or everted = malignant Base
- Fixed to structures underneath, mobile, penetrating Discharge
- Purulent = infected
- Watery = TB, transudate
- Bleeding = malignancy/granulation Pain
- Suggests ischaemia, infection and growth Progress
- Short history = pyogenic
- Long history = vascular Lymph nodes
- Near ulcer = secondary infection or malignancy

Arterial ulcers (ischaemic ulcers) Pathogenesis Chronic arterial insufficiency produces ulceration because of skin ischaemia at areas of pressure Site (Ulcers are distal)
- Lateral malleolus
- Lateral foot
- Outer edges and between toes (especially little and great toes - pressure)
- Also at the heel Clinical features
- Pain, especially rest pain and night pain
- 'Punched out' appearance
- Deep - can extend to tendons Associated features
- Intermittent claudication
- Absent pulses
- Shiny, hairless skin
- "Blue toe" - micro-emboli
- Smoker/ex smoker Investigations
- Arterial circulation assessed using Doppler
- Angiography - used for severe disease (e.g APBI <

- Xray to rule out osteomyelitis

Differential diagnosis
- Neuropathic ulcer
- Infected wound
- Gangrene

Management (Same as critical limb ischaemia)
- Lifestyle modification o Stop smoking, lose weight, exercise (increase collateral flow)
- Medical o Aspirin, glycaemic control, statin, antibiotics for infection
- Interventional/surgical o Angioplasty to improve perfusion Debridement once reo By-pass grafting vascularised o Amputation

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