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Shoulder Conditions Notes

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Shoulder conditions Shoulder pain location Pain felt at the; ACJ Deltoid Globally

The shoulder joint itself Rotator cuf Degeneration

Stabilisers of shoulder Static
- Superior, middle and inferior glenohumeral ligaments
- Coracohumeral ligament Active
- Rotator cuf
- Long head of biceps
- Scapular muscles

Shoulder dislocation Anterior
- Due to forced abduction, extension and external rotation
- Loss of shoulder contour (flattening of deltoid)
- Anterior bulge of head of huumerus (palpated in axilla) Investigations
- AP + axial/lateral scapular views on xray Management
- Reduction Complications
- Hills-sachs lesion o Depression of posterior-superior humeral head due to repeated impact with the anterior rim of glenoid
- Bankhart lesion o Separation of labrum and capsule from anterior rim of glenoid
- Axillary nerve damage o Feel sensation over regimental badge region Posterior dislocation
- Very rare
- Due to forced flexion, abduction and internal rotation o Electrocution/epileptic fit
- Lightbulb sign on xray (can get reverse Hills-sachs)

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