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OSCE Stations Scrubbing up:????

Open sterile brush packet. Adjust taps to suitable flow and temperature Wash hands thoroughly three times - first time work up to elbow, second to arm/wrist and third just hands. Rinse keeping hands above elbows at all times. Remember to use elbow and not hand to dispense soap. Apply scrub to brush and scrub palms of the hands, all four surfaces of the fingers and thumb and under the nails. 10 brush strokes per surface. Rinse again keeping hands above elbows. Wash hands once more and rinse. Dry using a sterile towel. Use one corner for each hand, and one corner for each arm. Dry arm by starting at wrist and twisting down - do not move towel back up arm. If you contaminate yourself at any point - by touching something or when drying your arms, you must state this and start again.

Gowning:??Assistant needs to pull bag down so you can pick up the gown by the shoulder seams. Shake the gown out - be careful it does not touch anything, stand in an open space. Put arms through but do not put hands outside of the cuffs. Assistant will tie you in. Hold out waist ties for assistant to tie.

Closed gloving:???

After putting on surgical gown, lay out glove packet with fingers pointing towards you. Pick up the cuff of the right hand glove (on the left) through the cuff of the gown. Elevate the glove and rotate arm so that the glove is lying on the top of your arm with the fingers pointing towards you. Use your left hand inside the cuff of the gown to grasp the edge of the cuff of the glove and pull it up and over your right hand. Extend your right hand through the cuff of the gown and into the glove. It doesn't matter if your hand does not fit properly into the glove as you can adjust this once your other glove is on. Then pick up the cuff of the left hand glove (on the right) with your hand still in the cuff of your gown.

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