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Cross Examination Police Officer Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 3 page long Cross Examination Police Officer notes, which we sell as part of the Criminal Advocacy Notes collection, a VC package written at City Law School in 2015 that contains (approximately) 52 pages of notes across 10 different documents.

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Cross Examination Police Officer Revision

The following is a plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our Criminal Advocacy Notes. This text version has had its formatting removed so pay attention to its contents alone rather than its presentation. The version you download will have its original formatting intact and so will be much prettier to look at.


­ Mr Garner as you approached the BMW you saw a man running away.
­ Then you noticed the BMW reverse
­ Then you noticed the BMW drive away
­ And you noticed that there were a large number of pedestrians
­ And the pedestrians were crossing the High street
­ So a large number of pedestrians were in the road
­ Then you radioed for assistance.
­ By that time you could not see the BMW.
­ And then you started chasing the BMW.
­ And you caught up with the car in about 3/4 of a mile.
­ So you caught up with the car in less than a minute.
­ So the Defendant was not speeding wasn't he?


­ Mr Garner when you found the envelope you cautioned the defendant is that correct?
­ And he made no reply.
­ He seemed confused didn't he?
­ And he seemed in shock
­ He did not seem to have knowledge of the envelope did he?


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