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Examination In Chief Nicola Bradshaw Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 6 page long Examination In Chief Nicola Bradshaw notes, which we sell as part of the Criminal Advocacy Notes collection, a VC package written at City Law School in 2015 that contains (approximately) 52 pages of notes across 10 different documents.

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Examination In Chief Nicola Bradshaw Revision

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­ What is your name?
(Nicola Bradshaw)

­ And what is your occupation?
(Dental Nurse)

­ Do you have any previous convictions?
­ Mrs Bradshaw If I could ask you to speak loud and clear and direct your answers to the

­ Mrs Bradshaw let me take you back to the 27th of November 2014. MEMORY REFRESHING
­ Do you remember the incident?

1. Did you make a note of what happened?

2. When did you write that note?

3. How soon after?

4. Were the events fresh in your mind at the time you made your notes?

5. Were the events fresher in your memory then, than they are today?

6. Do you feel it would assist you to refer to your notes?

7. With your Honour's leave might the witness be permitted to refer to her notes?
I am obliged. Mrs Bradshaw you may refer to your notes. END

­ Where were you on that day?
(I was out in the Stratford area of Lanchester)

­ And what were you doing there?
(I was celebrating the 21st birthday of my friend Catherine)

­ Where did you celebrate her birthday?
(Queen's Arms Public House Lanchester)

­ And at what time did you go there?

­ Mrs Bradshaw, while at the pub, did you drink anything?
­ What was that?
(Vodka and tonic)

­ How much did you drink?
(3 or 4 drinks)

­ And when did you leave the pub?
(At approximately 11.40pm)

­ And how were you feeling when you left the pub?
­ And where were you planning to go after you left the pub?
(to my boyfriend)

­ And how would you go to your boyfriend's house?

­ And where was the bus stop?
(Opposite side of Lanchester High Street)

­ And at what time did you manage to go to the bus stop?

­ Who were you with while at the bus stop?

­ And what happened while you were at the bus stop?
(I heard raised voices coming from across the road which were getting louder).

­ Where were these voices coming from?
(from outside "Pizza Perfection).

****************************End Of Sample*****************************

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