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Date Protection And Freedom Of Information Notes

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Elective: Commercial & IP Law

Intellectual Property Rights Data Protection Data Protection Scheme
? Data Protection Act 1998
? Protection of individual privacy! Relates to the handling of private information
? 2 Objectives: a) Allow individuals access to information held about them b) Protect information about individuals from being disclosed improperly
? The date controller becomes responsible [i.e. he has a DUTY] for the data subject from the firms moment of dealing with any personal information that could identify the data subject as a living individual.
? Personal Data = 2 limb test: a) Is the information biographical in a significant sense?
b) Does the information have the individual as its focus, rather than other persons or matters. Is the DPA applicable:

S.4(4) / Schedule 1: 8 Principles of Good Information Handling Practice
[Must be complied with by anyone processing personal information]

Schedule 2

a) b) c) d) e)

Data subject must be a living individual There is data The data is personal Some processing is involved At least one precondition for processing within Schedule 2 is met f) The data is processed in accordance with all relevant data protection principles in Schedule 1

1. Fairly and lawfully processed (need at least 1 of 6 conditions from Schedule 2)

2. Processed for limited purposes

3. Adequate, relevant and not excessive

4. Accurate and up-to-date

5. Not kept longer than necessary

6. Processed in accordance with individual's rights

7. Secure

8. Not transferred to countries outside EEA unless adequate protection Schedule 2 - 6 conditions for fair processing (must show 1): o o o o

1 individual has consented to processing processing necessary for contract with individual processing required under a legal obligation processing necessary to protect vital interests of individual

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