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Protecting Ip Products Notes

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Elective: Commercial & IP Law

Intellectual Property Rights Protecting new IP products Developing a new product:

1. Pre-development phase
? Record keeping system - showing the development of a product [trials / prototypes]. Use as evidential safeguard for future disputes
? Copyright / Design notices on materials
? Review competitor's patents / RDRs - search registry
? Negotiate licenses with third parties if necessary
? Trade Mark Agent - instruct for application
? Review contracts with employees - confidentiality / ownership of IP rights

2. Development phase
? Maintain confidentiality
? Consider filing Patent / RDR application

3.??Product launch phase Keep all development records Third party infringement?
Confidentiality agreements signed prior to negotiations for licenses Negotiate distribution / agency / franchise agreements Negotiate with PR and Marketing companies - include the assignment of IPRs in the promotional material

Checklist for MAINTAINING Copyright / UDR & RDR

1. Ownership
? Assignment of all IPRs by employees / third parties
? Waiver moral rights

2. Records
? Authors to sign and date work
? Record date of first marketing

3. Marking Products
? Copyright notice (c)
? Name of owner and year
? RDR: Registration number with words "Registered Design"
? UDR: include worlds "Design Right"; name of owner and year of first marketing

4. Infringement
? See notes

5. Registered Designs
? Records of when renewal fees are due 1

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