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Sale Of Goods Notes

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Commercial Law
Sale of Goods

Part A: Fundamental Principles of Sale of Goods in English law (sgs 7) Exam structure flow chart: how to apply SGA and UCTA Identify claim Identify specific terms breached (express or implied) Is the term breached a condition?
Identify remedies available Has right to reject been lost?
(1) breach so slight it would be unr'able to reject (2) B has expressly/by implication waived breach (3) B has accepted goods Is there an exclusion or limitation of liability, howsoever expressed?
If so, apply UCTA and 'r'able ness test' S.11 and sch.2 factors UCTA alarm bells: Exclusion/limitation of liability Plus (1) one party trying to exclude liability for negligence; and/or (2) Exclusion/limitation of SGA ss.13-15; and/or (3) One party contracting on other's standard written terms What remedies remain?
Terms of a contract Terms expressly agreed by parties - can be written or oral

Express Implied

Condition or Warranty-

In addition, or in absence of express terms, certain terms are implied Can be implied into contract in a number of ways eg. Custom or practice in a particular profession/trade Conduct of parties or imputed intention of parties Previous course of dealing between parties Statute

- cond = term which is fundamental to performance of contract and is considered to go to root of contract
- W = contractual promise that goods provided will meet a certain specification. Less imp than a term
- Court looks effect of breach to determine which

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