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Due Diligience Chart Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 4 page long Due Diligience Chart notes, which we sell as part of the Private Acquisitions Notes collection, a D package written at Cambridge And Oxilp And College Of Law in 2017 that contains (approximately) 339 pages of notes across 85 different documents.

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Due Diligience Chart Revision

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Due Diligence Issue Key Contracts

Risk Non-exclusivity

Assignment Termination


Competitors could use •
Price adjustment the same software or

Enter into exclusivity products agreement

Contract/products not •
Deal breaker?
worth as much

Restricts scope of use

Applicable for an asset purchase The contract can be terminated

Change of Control


Articles of Association

Can terminate on written notice resulting in the loss of an important contract

Breached already so could be sued or contract terminated

Pre-emption Rights

Other shareholders can prevent the Buyer from acquiring the entire share capital of the Target if they decide to exercise their preemption rights

Need consent - condition precedent Warranty that there have been no breaches and that any debts are fully paid up

Seek a waiver of change of control clause

Make SPA conditional on waiver

Enter into a new contract

Sellers obtain permission to disclose details of contract, if the answer is no then reevaluate purchase price

Or indemnity for breach

Remover pre-emption rights on transfer from articles

Ask sellers to obtain a written waiver of preemption rights from the

Further Information

How do they intend to use the contract & IP rights?

How key to the deal is this contract?

Is an exclusivity deal a viable option?

Is there an alternative supplier that could be used?
Have there been any breaches or are there any potential breaches?

Is there any other product that could be used?

Is termination likely?

Confidentiality Has there been any waiver of confidentiality?

Have pre-emption rights been followed in the past - have there been valid transfers in the past?

****************************End Of Sample*****************************

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