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My first year medicine Physiology notes; this set contains 1 tutorial essay and 6 detailed lengthy, essay-style notes for likely exam questions. All are extremely detailed, covering intracellular messaging systems and ion flows as well as systems physiology. They explain physiology processes from systemic to cellular to molecular and were composed as revision aides for me in preparation for my first year physiology exams. The notes were written to suit past exam questions or questions I felt were likely to come up or useful to revise. The questions are:
-Describe the major mechanisms of contraction and relaxation in smooth muscle. How do drugs modulate these processes?
-What are the factors affecting lung compliance and what role does this have in disease?
-Compare and contrast skeletal and cardiac muscle.
-Compare and contrast the mechanism of modulating cardiac pacemaking by adrenergic and cholinergic stimulation.
The other two sets of notes are on Cardiac dysrhythmia and antidysrhythmic drugs and Glomerular filtration.

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Physiology Notes

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  • Grade: 2.1
  • Institution: Oxford University (unaffiliated)
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Level: Undergraduate

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