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Breast Cancer Notes

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This is an extract of our Breast Cancer document, which we sell as part of our Oncology Notes collection written by the top tier of University Of Leicester students.

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Breast Cancer EpidemiologyCommonest female cancer

AetiologyRisk factors o Age
? Very rare <30years
? Increased risk up to age of menopause
? Rate of increased risk slows after menopause o Age of menarche and menopause
? Early menarche and late menopause = increased risk o Pregnancies
? Nulliparity
? Late first pregnancy o Family history
? BRCA 1+2 o Exogenous oestrogens
? HRT o Diet
? Increased fat intake
? Obesity
? Alcohol o Previous atypical hyperplasia o Radiation

Genetics5-10% of cases are due to inherited mutated BRCA 1/2
Cause younger age of onset More male cases Associated with ovarian and prostate cancers Can be inherited through the father's side - always ask about paternal family history

Pathology-More common in upper outer quadrant Ductal carcinoma in situ o Atypical proliferation of ductal epithelium o Doesn't invade basement membrane o Usually impalpable o Seen as microcalcification on mammography o < 50% progress to invasive cancer Lobular carcinoma in situ o Pre-invasive lesion o Rare o Difficult to diagnose Invasive ductal carcinoma o Commonest type

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