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Case Law And The Courts In Uk Notes

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Case Law and the courts in UK

 Citations contain the court which the case was held in (UKSC, CSOH, CSIH,
 Scots Law Times (SLT)
 Parties:
o Pursuer




 Decisions:
o Dismiss



 Declaratory theory that judges do not create the law, they discover it or simply identify the already-existing law
 Decisions made in one jurisdiction do not bind another jurisdiction
 Decisions made in higher courts bind those in lower courts
 Case reports:
o Morison's Dictionary (until 1801)
o Session Cases

Scots Law Times
 In civil courts, you will only get what you ask for, nothing more, by decision makers who make the decision based on what information is presented to them
 The defender will have prepared their case based on the parameters set by the pursuers in their document submissions

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