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Sources of Law in the UK

There are different ways to categorise sources of law a) Enacted law: legislation in the form of acts and statutes
Unenacted law: case law and institutional writings b) Primary sources 1- Legislation:
- EU legislation
- Acts of UK parliament (statutes)
- Acts of Scottish Parliament
- Statutory Instruments 2- Case law 3- Institutional writings
Secondary sources 1- Legal literature 2- Custom
 Hierarchy of sources:
1- EU Law 2- UK Law 3- Acts of the Scottish Parliament 4- Secondary Legislation (statutory instruments)
 Later legislation inconsistent with earlier legislation takes priority
 Laws made by acts of parliament can reverse decisions of acts of courts
(legislation has authority over case law)
 legislation is interpreted by the courts so courts can have their own interpretation of what this legislation is, but parliament can disagree with this interpretation
 But legislation that is passed on UK level can apply to all legal systems in the
UK (Example: tax legislation-revenue law)
 But interpretation of this legislation could vary within legal systems
 Codification: setting out common law in legislative form

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