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Introduction to Legal Systems in the UK

What is law?
 The words of someone in authority who has the power to intervene in other people's affairs
 Imposes patterns of conduct on other people, and if they don't comply there are unpleasant consequences
 Law can compel conduct
 A lot of law simply provides opportunities to do things effectively
 A lot of law is unwritten, which is called custom or convention
 Law is always subject to change
UK legal systems and jurisdictions:
1- England and wales 2- Northern Ireland 3- Scotland
Scotland has a mixed legal system, with elements of both common and civil legal systems
Civil law
Based on Roman law
Codification of legislation

Types of law:
enacted civil law criminal law public law

Common law
Based on English law
Cases and adherence to precedent
No codification

Unenacted common law civil law private law

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