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Definition of "employee" Sources of employment law:Common law (contract & tort)Domestic legislationEU legislation and case law Tribunals have taken an instinctive approach. Independent contractors = no employment law protectionA contract for services ---> self-employed. Maximum flexibility, personal performance not required, notsubject to overt control, has to bear some degree of financial risk.Employees: contract of service ---> employee. (NB. employee shareholders) Section 230(1) ERA 1996: employee is an individual who hasentered into, or works under a contract of employment.?

Ready Mixed Concrete: paid, agreed to carry out work personally, employer must exercise at least some control. Courts will look at the substance and not the form of the contract. Tests:

1. the mutuality of obligation test;
? Employer under duty to provide work and individual under duty to perform work personally. If individual can send a substitute this may negate mutuality, although not if the right to substitute is fettered in any way or right never actually exercised.
? Consider what actually happened in reality (Autoclenz Ltd)

2. the control test;
? Control over; who works, when they work, how they work, what work is done, where the work is done?

3. the integration test; and
? Integration into the workplace. Accessory or fully integrated?
Do they take part in administrative duties, management decisions, or other duties not consistent with that of an independent contractor. Uniform? Holiday/sick pay? Grievance procedure?

1 the economic reality/multiple test.
? Overall picture taking into account all aspects of working activity - Hall v Lorimer
? Factors: financial risk, how individual is paid, is individual able to work for others, how individual taxed, who provides material & equipment?

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