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Adrenal Disease Notes

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Adrenal Disease

Mineralocorticoids e.g aldosterone
- Predominant effect is on extracellular balance of Na + K in distal tubule of kidney
- Secretion under control (mainly) of RAS Glucocorticoids e.g cortisol (cross over with mineralocorticoids)
- Stimulate Inhibit o Gluconeogenesis
- Protein synthesis o Glycogen
- Response to infection deposition o Proteolysis o Fat deposition Arcadian rhythm, stress Axis Hypothalamus hormone)


Anterior Pituitary Adrenal Gland

CRH (corticotrophin releasing Portal system

ACTH Cortisol + weak androgens

Cushing's Syndrome
= Clinical state of free increase in circulating glucocorticoid (cortisol) Aetiology 1) ACTH-dependent causes (increased ACTH) a. Cushing's Disease = pituitary adenoma secreting ACTH i. Adrenal hyperplasia b. Ectopic ACTH production = especially small cell lung ca +
carcinoid tumours c. Rare ectopic CRH production from thyroid/prostate carcinoma or iatrogenic due to ACTH administration

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