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Lower Respiratory Tract Disease Bronchy And Lungs Notes

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Q15. Lower Respiratory Tract Diseases: Bronchi and Lungs Bronchi Kennel Cough Feline Bronchitis (Asthma) Canine Chronic Bronchitis Bacterial Bronchitis Mycoplasmal Bronchitis Allergic Bronchitis Lungs Bronchopneumonia Viral Pneumonia Bacterial Pneumonia Pulmonary Edema Heartworm Disease Aerulostrongylus abstrusus Capillaria aerophila

Kennel Cough In Infectious Q Feline Bronchitis (Feline Asthma) One of the most common respiratory diseases of cats. Involves a wide variety of pathological processes that differ by the individual cat. Ultimately, they result in a cough or wheeze and episodes of respiratory distress. Feline asthma is most common in young adults, and Siamese breeds are more predisposed. Can be classified as - Bronchial Asthma (reversible airway obstruction due to bronchial constriction), Acute Bronchitis (reversible airway inflammation), Chronic Bronchitis (irreversible airway inflammation), Emphysema (destruction of bronchiolar and alveolar walls leads to enlarged peripheral airspaces). More than one type can be present at the same time. Many pathologies ultimately result in obstruction of the small airways;







Bronchial inflammation - exudates and infiltration Bronchial smooth muscle hypertrophy or constriction Epithelial edema or hyperplasia Mucous gland hypertrophy and hyperactivity Fibrosis Emphysema

Cough, episodes of respiratory distress, wheezing during episodes without systemic signs. Between epidodes, there may be no clinical signs.

CS of small airway obstruction: Tachypnoe and increased expiratory effort Dx:

History - question about exposure to allergens or a new environment. Clincal Signs X Ray - Thoracic view will show bronchial thickening, seen markedly on the causal part of the lung field. Lungs may also be seen to be overinflated as a result of trapped air and occasionally there can be atelectasis of the right middle lung lobe. It should be noted that X rays can't detect mild changes, so the xray can still look normal in cats with bronchitis. Tracheal Wash/Bronchoalveolar Lavage - Cytology for signs of inflammation and mucous. Presence of bacteria or parasites. Bacterial culture. Fecal Exam - further check for parasites Heartworm Testing


Pulmonary parasites, heartworm, bacterial bronchitis, mycoplasmal bronchitis, idiopathic feline bronchitis, allergic bronchitis.

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