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Skin Diseases Pruritic Notes

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3. Skin Diseases - Pruritic Definition : The sensation that provokes the desire to scratch, rub, chew, or lick. Pruritus is an indicator of inflammed skin. Clinical Signs

* History e.g. common complaint

* Scratching, licking, biting or chewing

* Evidence of self trauma and cutaneous inflammation may be necessary to make the diagnosis

* In cats, which can be secretive lickers, alopecia without inflammation, may be the only sign.

* Visible excoriations, erythema, alopecia, lichenification (chronic) Causes : Parasitic

* Fleas, scabies, demodex, otodectes, notoedres, cheyletiella, trombicula, lice, pelodera, endoparasite migration. Allergic

* Parasite allergy, atopy, food allergy, contact allergy, drug allergy, "bacterial hypersensitivity". Bacterial/fungal

* Staph. Pyoderma, Malassezia pachydermatis, Dermatophytosis. Miscellaneous

* Primary and seconday seborrhea, calcinosis cutis, cutaneous neoplasia, immune mediated dermatosis and endocrine dermatosis can be variably pruritic. Endocrinopathies generally cause non-pruritic dermatoses, while secondary seborrhea or pyoderma can elicit pruritus. Dogs Fleas Scabies Demodex Pyoderma Seborrhea Atopy Acral Lick Dermatitis

Cats Fleas Eosinophilic Plaque Otodectes Food Allergy


* History and Physical exam

* Age o Young -Flea allergy, scabies. Demodex, Ear Mites, Internal parasite hypersensitivity o Adults - Atopy, Food Allergy, Pyoderma, Seborrhea

* Breed Predisposition o Golden Retrievers and Terriers - Atopy o Sharpeis - Demodex, pyoderma, atopy, food allergy

* Diet o Food allergies o Lipid def. may result in pruritis or exacerbate other conditions

* Environment - other animals, parasites, dust mites

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