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Borelli V. Ting Notes

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BORELLI V. TING FACTS James Henry Ting was formerly the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Akai Holdings Ltd, a Bermudan company originally incorporated in Hong Kong. On 23 August 2000 in Hong Kong, and on 29 September 2000 in Bermuda, Akai Holdings Ltd was ordered to be wound up... In order to raise funds, the Liquidators wished to realize the value of Akai Holdings Ltd's listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. To this end the Liquidators proposed a scheme of arrangement under section 99 of the Bermuda Companies Act 1981, whereby the shares of Akai Holdings Ltd, and thus its listing status, would be transferred to a third party, Hang Ten Group Holdings Ltd. Such a scheme would require the approval of a majority in number representing three quarters in value of the shareholders present and voting at a meeting convened for that purpose. Proceedings at the meeting: At the scheme meeting Blossom Assets Ltd and Costner Holdings Ltd were represented by attorneys, who purported to act as proxies on behalf of these companies. However, the Chairman at the meeting rejected the authority of the proxies on the ground that their appointments as such were simply signed by James Henry Ting on behalf of the companies, whereas they should have been executed under the seal of the respective companies or under the hand of an "officer or attorney duly authorized". On being telephoned by one of the attorneys and informed of the objection to the proxies, he arranged for someone in Hong Kong to type up purported board resolutions dated 14 November 2002 appointing the attorneys as corporate representatives of Blossom Assets Ltd and Costner Holdings Ltd; and to forge his signature on those purported resolutions. The purported resolutions bearing James Henry Ting's forged signature were delivered to the scheme meeting, which was still in progress, and through the attorneys Blossom Assets Ltd and Costner Holdings Ltd voted against the scheme... the Chairman marked these votes as objected to on the grounds that Blossom Assets Ltd and Costner Holdings Ltd had voted against the scheme for improper motives and that the purported signature of James Henry Ting was suspected to be forged. Proceedings before the Bermuda Court: By summons dated 2 December 2002 the Liquidators applied to the Bermuda Court to disallow the votes of Blossom Assets Ltd and Costner Holdings Ltd cast at the scheme meeting... However, in the meantime James Henry Ting continued to oppose the scheme. He denied that his signatures were forged and to that end procured his messenger in

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