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Guinness V. Saunders Notes

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GUINNESS V. SAUNDERS FACTS My Lords, the appellant, Mr. Ward, admits receiving PS5.2m., the money of the respondent company, Guinness, at a time when Mr. Ward was a director of Guinness. Payment of this sum to Mr. Ward was, he says, remuneration authorised by Mr. Saunders, Mr. Roux and Mr. Ward, who formed a committee of the board of directors of Guinness. It is admitted by Mr. Ward that payment was not authorised by the board of directors. In these proceedings Guinness claim PS5.2m. from Mr. Ward and in this application Guinness seek an order for immediate payment on the grounds that the articles of association of Guinness and the facts admitted by Mr. Ward show that the payment to Mr. Ward was unauthorised and must be repaid. In these present proceedings, Mr. Ward pleads that in consideration of Mr. Ward 'providing advice and services' to Guinness during the currency of the offer (which he refers to as 'the bid') Guinness agreed, in the event of the success of the bid, to pay to Mr. Ward a sum equivalent to 0.2 per cent. of the ultimate value of the bid. The agreement is said to have been entered into by Mr. Saunders, Mr. Ward and Mr. Roux on behalf of Guinness and Mr. Ward on his own behalf. It is said that Mr. Saunders orally agreed about 19 February 1986, and that Mr. Roux orally agreed about the beginning of May 1986, and that the agreement was made or evidenced by an invoice delivered to Guinness by a company now admitted to be controlled by Mr. Ward. Provisions of Guiness' AoA:

90. The board shall fix the annual remuneration of the directors provided that without the consent of the company in general meeting such remuneration (excluding any special remuneration payable under article 91 and article 92) shall not exceed the sum of PS100,000 per annum....

91. The board may, in addition to the remuneration authorised in article 90, grant special remuneration to any director who serves on any committee or who devotes special attention to the business of the company or who otherwise performs services which in the opinion of the board are outside the scope of the ordinary duties of a director. HOLDING LORD TEMPLEMAN AoA precludes an award of Quantum Meruit

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