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Employers And Vicarious Liability Notes

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Tort: Employers' + Vicarious Liability Employers' (Primary) Liability

- Definition: employee sues employer for breach of duty of care at work (c. must be employee, test: Ready Mixed Concrete).

Duty of Care

- Principal duty: to take reasonable care for employees' safety (Wilsons & Clyde Coal Co v English). 1 principal duty - [Ld Wright]: 'provision of competent staff of men, adequate materials + proper system/effective supervision'. 3 areas:

1. duty to provide safe premises, plant, equipment + materials.

2. duty to provide reasonably competent fellow employees.

3. duty to provide safe system of work: inc. supervision + instruction. common law duty: employer cannot rely on compliance with statutory duty as defence (Bux v Slough Metals). implied term in employment contracts (Johnstone v Bloomsbury AHA). cannot exclude (s2(1) UCTA 1977). compulsory insurance (Employers' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 / Regulations 1998).

- Duty personal + non-delegable (McDermid v Nash Dredging) - can delegate responsibility but not liability. Mullaney v CC W Midlands Police: PC on stake-out unable to call back-up, beaten up ? CC liable: cannot delegate.

... 1. Duty to Provide Safe Premises, Plant, Materials, Equipment

- Safe premises (Smith v Baker & Sons: rock from crane - [Ld Herschell]): must take reasonable care to provide proper appliances, to maintain them in proper condition, carry out operations as to not subject those employed to unnecessary risk. arises from contract. 'premises': inc. defects in premises + hazardous activities taking place.

- Safe machinery, plant + equipment as employer ought reasonably to provide: dep. on circs. safety features/equipment/protective clothing: Qualcast v Haynes: employer provided protective footwear, not worn ? NOT liable. Davie v New Merton Board Mills Ltd: defective hammer, but reputable supplier ? NOT liable. now reversed: Employers' Liability (Defective Equipment) Act 1969. Bux v Slough Metals Ltd: protective goggle provided, not worn ? LIABLE: duty to insist equipment used (modifying Qualcast). Yorkshire Traction Co v Walter Searby: bus drivers not provided with screens, but had objected b/c of glare + risk low ? NOT liable. consider employees' characteristics (Paris v Stepney BC: 1-eyed ? extra precautions needed). but exceptional circs. may be excluded (Mulcahy v MOD: duty does not extend to soldiers in battle). N.B. employees also have duty to use sensibly (O'Reilly v National Rail Appliances: hit bomb with hammer ? employer NOT liable). equipment: s1(3) Employers' Liability (Def. Equip.) Act 1969: 'any plant + machinery, vehicle, aircraft, clothing' - broad. Coltman v Bibby Tankers: ship = equipment. Knowles v Liverpool CC: flagstone = equipment.

- Precautions need only be reasonable, not absolute (Latimer v AEC).

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