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Principles of Tort Law _______________________________________________________

The principle torts are:
? Negligence
? Nuisance
? Defamation
? Assault
? Battery
? False imprisonment

Definition of tort
? C Harlow: "The word 'tort' ... is something of a puzzle ... In fact it is the French word for 'wrong' and its use points us back through the centuries to the Norman French language, which was once the working language of the 'King's courts'. A tort is simply a 'wrong' and tort law is the law of 'wrongdoing' or perhaps of 'wrongs'."
? M Jones: "The law of tort is primarily concerned with providing a remedy to persons who have been harmed by the conduct of others." Aims of tort
? M Jones: to provide a remedy to those harmed by the actions of others
? S Hedley: to provide a vehicle for those wronged to instigate an action (as opposed to criminal proceedings, which are instigated by an official prosecutor) The jurisprudential basis of tort:
? Loss distribution
? Compensation
? Justice
? Appeasement
? Punitive
? Lord Denning in Dutton v Bognor Regis the court really hides "the best policy for the law to adopt?" hidden behind questions of duty, proximity &
forseeability Glanville Williams 'The Aims of Tort'

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