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Revision: Tort

Public nuisances: 'acts or omissions of the defendant that materially affect the reasonable comfort and convenience of life of a class of Her Majesty's subjects' (Attorney General v PYA Quarries)


More specific definition difficult - Denning: public nuisance ' covers a multitude of sins, great and small' (Southport Corporation v Esso Petroleum)


Public nuisance is a crime but can also sometimes be a tort


Most areas now regulated by statute - e.g. s79 Environmental Protection Act 1990 o

Obstruction of Her Majesty's Highway (most common)- now regulated by highways legislation

'Materially affects comfort and convenience'


Interference must be 'material' - more than just slight/trivial


No need for actual damage - annoyance/irritation can be sufficient


Claimants must show that they have suffered special damage

'Class of Her Majesty's subjects'


Necessary to show that the effect of the nuisance is 'sufficiently widespread': no exact number of people that need to be affected


Depends on the facts of the case: Attorney General v Hastings Corporation - R v Rimmington



Liability can exist for omissions as well as acts - so could be preferable to sue for this rather than negligence

One-off event


CAN be a one-off or isolated event (unlike private)

Need not involve interference with the enjoyment of the land: unlike private nuisance the claimant doesn't need to have an interest in land Examples:


Attorney General of Ontario v Orange - A pop festival 1

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