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Judgment In Default Notes

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Judgment in default

Applying for judgment in default
- Civil procedure rules (CPR) 12

What the claimant has to show (grounds)

1) The particulars of claim has been served

2) Time has expired for filing a defence or an acknowledgement of service (taking into account of any extensions granted)

3) The claim has not been admitted or satisfied

4) No application for summary judgment or strike out has been satisfied

Applying to get a judgment in default set aside - CPR 13


If successful, the claimant has won the case without going to trial.

What the applicant has to show (grounds)

Judgment was wrongly entered into - CPR 13(2)

Grounds upon which the court must set aside the judgment

1) The time limit for acknowledging service or serving a defence had not expired when judgment was entered

2) An acknowledgment of service or defence had been filed on time

3) Summary judgment or strike out had been applied for when judgment was entered

4) The defendant had satisfied the claim or admitted the claim or required time to pay

If judgment was correctly entered into - CPR 13(3)

Grounds upon which the court will at its discretion set aside or vary the judgment

1) At the discretion of the court if the defendant has a real prospect of successfully defending the claim

2) At the discretion of the court if it appears to the court that there is some other good reason why judgment should be set aside or varied.

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