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Core Module: Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation Thirteen: Preparing for the trial

1. Pre-trial checklist: sent by court to each party CPR 29.8

2. Allocation to trial date and court sends 'Notice of Hearing' to parties - CPR 29.8

3. Client and Counsel issues - instructing a barrister.

4. Skeleton argument

5. Trial bundle

6. Consider any professional conduct issues - chapter 5 SRA code

7. Go to trial

Fourteen: Appeals & Domestic enforcement of a money judgment [POST-trial]

1. Appeals

1. CPR 52

2. 2 grounds of appeal a) The decision of the lower court was wrong b) Decision of lower court was unjust because of a serious procedural or other irregularity [e.g. evidence improperly omitted].

To whom / from whom do you appeal: County Court DJ County Court Circuit judge County Court CJ High Court judge County Court CJ - Multi track Court of appeal civil division High court Master / district judge High court judge Court of Appeal


1 High court judge Court of Appeal Supreme court

Procedure of appeal:

1. Seek permission at court; or

2. In writing - by way of notice - to the court you want to appeal to. If they refuse party can requ

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