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LPC Law Notes Civil Litigation Notes

Part 36 Offers Notes

Updated Part 36 Offers Notes

Civil Litigation Notes

Civil Litigation

Approximately 418 pages

A collection of the best LPC Civil Litigation notes the director of Oxbridge Notes (an Oxford law graduate) could find after combing through dozens of LPC samples from outstanding students with the highest results in England and carefully evaluating each on accuracy, formatting, logical structure, spelling/grammar, conciseness and "wow-factor".

In short these are what we believe to be the strongest set of Civil Lit notes available in the UK this year. This collection of notes is fully updated ...

The following is a more accessible plain text extract of the PDF sample above, taken from our Civil Litigation Notes. Due to the challenges of extracting text from PDFs, it will have odd formatting:

Civil Litigation

FIVE: Part 36 offers and Settlement

Part 36 offer

CPR 36


  • Formal offer to settle an action / part of an action.

  • Made “without prejudice save as to costs” = only ‘offeror’ and ‘offeree’ know about the offer. They cannot disclose to third party / judge.

  • Part 36 offers are inclusive of interest until expiry of the relevant time period, after which interest will continue to accrue in addition to the offer.

Formalities of a P.36 offer – CPR 36.2(2)

Offer must be:

  1. In writing

  2. State on the face of it that it is a P.36 offer

  3. Specify period not less than 21 days within which D will be liable for C’s costs in accordance with CPR 36.10 if offer is accepted.

  4. Whether it related to whole / part of claim

  5. State whether it takes into account any counter claim

If these are not complied with – the offer will not have the P.36 cost consequences. [CPR 36.1(2)]

Accepting P.36 offer – CPR 36.9

  • CPR 36.9 (2) can be accepted any time. Even after time period of the offer has expired. Cannot be accepted if formally and properly withdrawn by offeror.

Effect of acceptance – CPR 36.11

  • The claim is stayed on the terms of the offer

Cost consequences – CPR 36.10

Claimant is offering
  • If defendant accepting P.36 offer within relevant time period: D will pay C’s costs up until the date on which the notice of acceptance was served on the offeror.

  • If D rejects P36 offer and D wrong to reject the offer?

e.g. D has to pay 10K more at trial [40K] than C’s offer [30K]

e.g. D has to pay same amount at trial [40K) as C’s offer [40K]

D will be penalised if they have to pay more / same as claimant’s original P.36 offer because there was no point in going to trial.

CPR 36.14 (3):

D will pay on a standard basis up until the relevant period expires and then it is at courts discretion to order him to pay [i.e. following the expiry of the relevant period]:

  1. Higher interest on damages

  2. D pays claimant’s costs on an indemnity basis (more onerous – no proportionality. If there is any doubt as to costs it will be awarded in favor of the receiving party).

  3. Higher rate of interest on the costs.

Defendant offering
  • If...

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