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Insurance Warranties Notes

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Insurance Warranties In insurance law contractual provisions are defined by their functional effect. Insurance warranties have the most significant effect on the cover afforded to the policy holder. What? An 'insurance warranty' is an obligation entered into by the insured which must be complied with exactly, whether or not it is material to the risk. It is effectively a condition precedent to insurers having a liability to provide an indemnity at all in future under the insurance contract. I.e. It is a promise by the insured as to the past, current or future existence of a particular state of affairs so that the insurer's obligation to indemnify the insured is 'conditional' on the fulfilment of that promise. An insurance warranty is an obligation entered into by the insured which must be complied with exactly as it is. Very draconian.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Effect of Breach o

S.33(3) MIA: Expressly states that the insurer is discharged from liability if the insured breaches the insurance warranty. HH Casualty makes clear that this applies to both marine and non-marine insurance.The Goodluck; Effects: The insurance contract continues and the insured must continue to pay premiums but insurers have no further liability to indemnity under the policy. UWs are discharged from liability from the moment of the insured's breach, but are still liable for earlier pre-breach claims.

There does not need to be any causative link between breach of warranty and the loss the insured suffers. This is considered harsh. No election must be made by the insurers. They are automatically discharged from liability and the insured breaches the insurance warranty. o

S.34(2) MIA: Once the insurance warranty has been broken the insured cannot rely on the defence that the breach was remedied and the warranty actually complied with before the loss.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When might a breach of warranty have no such effect?
1) Change of circumstances so the warranty becomes obsolete (s.34(1) MIA). E.g. The insured owns several properties and warrants to ensure adequate safety precautions for them all, but sells one off so he no longer has an insurable interest in it. Then the warranty is inapplicable. 2) Waiver of the breach by the insured (s.34(3) MIA). UWs could waive by:

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