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Heart Failure Notes

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This is an extract of our Heart Failure document, which we sell as part of our Clinical Cardiology Notes collection written by the top tier of Bristol University students.

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Heart Failure
? ? ? ? Definition o Result of structural/functional cardiac disorder= CO inadequate o 2/1000 (UK); 1-3% (10% elderly); Poor prognosis 25-50% die <5yrs o Initially adaptive mechanisms compensate=maintain CO (AT REST) o Eventually cardiac function declines=
more severe=
? ? ? ? Pathophysiology Changes heart & peripheral vascular result of haemodynamic changes o Ventricular dilatation o Myocyte hypertrophy o Increased collagen synthesis o Altered myosin gene expression o Altered sarcoplasmic Ca-ATPase density o Increased ANP secretion o Salt and water retention
? Activation of renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system= Loss of beneficial compensatory mechanisms-->
Cardiac decompensation o Peripheral vasoconstriction (r-a-a--> Cardiac decompensation) o Sympathetic stimulation
? ? ? ? Development of CHF following IHD

? ? ? ? Chronic effects of CHF

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