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Alienation Notes

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New Leases
Old Leases
 GRANTED on or after 1.1.96
 GRANTED before 1.1.96
 Mixture of common law & statute
 Landlord & Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995
(Law of Property Act 1925)
S.19(1)(a) Landlord & Tenant Act 1927*
 Upgrades qualified restrictive covenants to a FULLY qualified covenant
S.1 Landlord & Tenant Act 1988*
 Upon receipt of written request by T, imposes duty on L not to unreasonably delay in:
o Giving T consent to assign/sublet; or

Giving reasonable grounds why T's request for consent to assign/sublet is refused
S.19(1A) Landlord & Tenant Act 1927 *
 Primarily in commercial leases
 L may agree with T at outset:
o certain conditions that must be met for L to give consent

certain circumstances under which L can refuse consent
 no requirement for conditions/circumstances to be reasonable
 basically, L can circumvent this statute
Liability of Original Parties
Privity of contract

Ongoing Liability
Privity of estate between L & T2

Burden of T covenants
Benefit of L covenants
ONLY if covenants "touch and concern the land" (P & A Swift Investments)
o Covenants must benefit covenantee only while he remains a L or T of the land

o Covenants must affect mode of use, value, quality, or nature of the land

o Benefit of covenants must not be expressed to be personal
Ongoing liability through P-i-C

Ongoing Liability
Upon assignment, T2 will have:
o Burden of T covenants [s.3(2)(a)]
o Benefit of L covenants [s.3(2)(b)]
o Benefit of covenants must NOT be expressed to be personal [s.3(6)(a)]
o Landlord and Tenant (Covenants)
Act 1995
Original T automatically released from T
covenants on assignment to T2 with the
Usual s.19(1A) LTA 1927 Conditions

Outgoing T to give L an AGA
o Incoming T to provide a guarantor to L (if requested to do so)
Usual s.19(1A) LTA 1927 Circumstances:
o Outgoing T to owe no Rent or other monies to L under the Lease

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