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Register Of Title Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 4 page long Register Of Title notes, which we sell as part of the Property Law and Practice Notes collection, a Distinction package written at Cambridge And Oxilp And College Of Law in 2016 that contains (approximately) 450 pages of notes across 126 different documents.

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Register Of Title Revision

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Official copy of register of title

Title number NE198689

Edition date [the date of WS2]

- This official copy shows the entries subsisting on the



register on 21 October 2012 at 19:56:55. This date must be quoted as the "search from date" in any official search application based on this copy. The date at the beginning of an entry is the date on which the entry was made in the register. Issued on 21 October 2012. Under s.67 of the Land Registration Act 2002 this copy is admissible in evidence to the same extent as the original. For information about the register of title see Land Registry website www.landregistry.gov.uk or Land Registry Public Guide 1- A guide to the information we keep and how you can obtain it. This title is dealt with by Land Registry Durham Office

A: Property Register This register describes the land and the estate comprised in the Title TYNE AND WEAR



1. (22 October 2012) The freehold land shown edged with red on the plan of the above Title filed at the Registry and being 26 Otterburn Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, (NE30 4XX).

2. (22 October 2012) The land has the benefit of the following rights granted by a Conveyance of the land and other land dated 28 February 1976 made between Anthony Beck (a) and Paul and Linda Farne (2): "The Vendor as BENEFICIAL OWNER HEREBY CONVEYS the Property unto the Purchasers TOGETHER WITH the right for the Purchasers and their successors in title and all other persons entitled to a like right to the free and uninterrupted passage and running of soil water gas or electricity from and to the Property through the sewers drains watercourses pipes cables wires or other channels or conductors which are now laid in or

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