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Results Of Searches And Enquiries Ws3 Task 2 Notes

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Result of searches and enquiries Aspect (A-E) and Q's from Task 2

1. Is there planning permission for the construction of the building or was planning permission not needed?2. Is the building being used for its authorised planning purpose?

3. Are there any planning conditions which would prevent the client's proposed alterations or future use?

4. Are there any existing breaches of planning law for which action could be taken against the buyer after completion?5. Is the building listed or in a conservation area?Where answer found i.e. Summary of what answer Authority said PLANNING CPSE 12.4 Seller does not know if planning LLC1 1(a) permission was obtained but, the property has existed for at least 200 years. Only planning permission from 1976 (2007 PP not fulfilled). LLC1 Part 3 Change of use - offices CPSE 12.5 i.e. the use as offices is authorised LLC1 Part 3 Conditions on Planning Permission

- CPSE 12.9 - the seller is not aware of any existing breaches. The category changed to offices in 1976 (29R: 3.7/9).
- CON29O: 7 No completion notices
- CON29R paras 3.7 & 3.9
- CON 29R 1(b)

- 'The seller is not aware of any breaches of planning permission'
- No evidence of unauthorised work
- No notices served on the property
- Not Listed building charges for this property.
- No listed building repairs notice

Workshop 3 (Task 2) Impact of answer (good/bad/
Effect?) GOOD, Property was passed in

1947. Therefore, property build before 1947 and thus the property is not subject to planning permission. No Further Action Required Good - use of offices

Bad - need original copy of Planning Permission Document from the seller's solicitors or the local authority. No Action CPSE not strong enough; however, no record through Local Searches.

No Action Development should not be a problem. Consideration of listed notice not needed.

Result of searches and enquiries Aspect (A-E) and Q's from Task 2

1. Could 3PP be contaminated by past uses?

2. Could 3PP be contaminated by uses taking place on Neighbouring properties?

3. What does the seller know about any possible contamination?

Where answer found i.e. Summary of what answer Authority said ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION
- CON29R : 19 No potential contaminative. Historical land uses were identified Low Risk Off-site sources' Environmental Low to moderate risk Report Environmental Report Consider Clothing Manufacturer
& Petrol station

- CPSE 15
- CON29R 3.12


15.5 Seller has received no complaints/legal disputes under environmental law

15.7 Seller is not aware of actual, alleged or potential environmental law problems

15.8 No insurance in relation to this

4. If the property is
- Environmental Search No contaminated, would the buyer
- Environmental protection act However, presence of have to clean it up or remediate 1990 contaminants could lead to contamination in the future?
liability. Local authority serves remediation notice specifying steps to "Clean up"

5. Has the LA already served
- 29R: 3.12(a) & 3.12(c) No notices any remediation notices or is it No consultation with the owner planning to do so?
conducted before served of a remediation Overall GOOD news - advise on full environmental survey is possible, but not fundamental.

Workshop 3 (Task 2) Impact of answer (good/bad/
Effect?) Tell Client No further action required

Good - however still possible 'moderate' risk
- However, it is worth checking with client and considering a full environmental survey or insurance Tell client No further action required

If Buyers is aware of contaminants the could be liable. Insurance?
Possible reduction of purchase price if there are contaminants
- Good

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