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Precontract Searches And Planning Diagram Notes

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Pre-contract searches and planning

a) Pre-contract searches always required

1) The local search

a) Local Land Charges Search (LLC1)

b) Local Authority Enquiries (CON29R)

2) Drainage and Water search

3) Desktop Environmental search

4) Pre-contract enquiries of the Seller's solicitors (CPSE.1)

5) Structural Survey and Physical inspection

6) Chancel Repair Search

7) Search of the Index map

8) Energy Performance Certificate

b) Do any additional /
more specific searches need to be completed?

a) Information ascertained from the enquiry replies and title plan /

Public Footpath - There is a footpath

Con29O - Question 5 Ascertains its usage, where it runs, who can use it

Common land - The property:

Has vast open (undeveloped) land;

Abuts a Village Green

Abuts a Common

Con29O - Question 22 Ascertains if there is common land

Index search Ascertains the boundaries of property and common land

Property Damage - Defects such as:

Cracks in the wall

Damp etc

Ask client to commission a Surveyor Ascertains the structural quality of the building by a structural survey

Flooding - Local flooding problem

Waterways search Ascertains extend of flood risk and if it will affect the property

New Buildings - New buildings have been erected

LLC1 Ascertains if planning permission or building regulations have been granted for the new building

Con29R Ascertains if planning permission and building regulations have been granted or are pending for the new building

Con29O - Question 7 Ascertains whether building works, which have planning permission, but have not been started or not yet completed, have had a notice served on them and the planning permission is now terminated

Change of Use - There has been a material change of use

LLC1 Ascertains if there has been planning permission for the change of use

Con29R Ascertains if there has been planning permission for the change of use

Hazardous Waste - There is / or is possibly environmentally hazardous waste on the property

Buyer may be liable for clean up costs If the original polluter cannot be found, the buyer may be liable for clean up costs.

Desktop Environmental Search Ascertains whether there is likely to be contamination and if there is contamination, its extent

Phase I Survey Dependant upon the result of the Desktop Environmental Search. Is a less detailed assessment of the contamination

Phase II Survey Will be appropriate if the Phase 1 has found actual or possible contamination. It includes detailed soil and water samples

b) General solutions / actions to be taken as a result

Mining - There is a mine nearby or land is situated in a mining county

Con29M Mining Search Ascertains if the mine may affect the structural integrity of the building

Company seller - The proprietor selling the property is a company

Companies search at Companies House by Company Number Ascertains whether company is able to sell the property

Roadway abuts property - There is a key roadway which is not on the property

Con29R Panel C include this road name Ascertains whether it is a public road and whether it is the only means of access for the property

a) Withdraw from the purchase

b) Make the purchase contract conditional upon the seller rectifying the issue

c) Gain an indemnity from the seller

d) Ask for a reduction in the price

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