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Sale Of Part Notes

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Work Shop 7 Sale of Part

Sale of Part What Easements, Covenants etc. are necessary for the Client?
The Contract provides for the term

Define all the terms accurately

Red for the "Property"

Blue for the "Retained Land"

Easements and covenants are included by: o Special condition o By reference to the attached Transfer


Implied Easements on Sale of Part in favour of buyer 1,2,3
&4 p410


The Transfer imposes the term Use Form TP01 In Box 12, new easements and covenants can be created as needed

Where the original land is subject to a mortgage and seller wants to dispose of part He must obtain lender's consent in Form DS3 and a certificate of noncrystallisation if there's also a floating charge Lender may want all or some of the proceeds to go towards discharging the mortgage Buyer will want an undertaking from the seller to discharge the mortgage

1. Necessity

Easements to buyer and seller

If without it no use can be made of the land

2. Common Intention

Easements to buyer and seller

Where the parties would have thought of it during sale

3. s.62 LPA 1925

Easements to buyer only

Must be diversity of occupation at the time of the conveyance

It creates a new easement by implying words into conveyance to ensure that everything enjoyed with the land passes to the buyer on sale

So, a licence to cross a field will become an easement on sale of part

4. Wheeldon v Burrows

Easements to buyer only

It will be implied where the right us i. Continuous and apparent (e.g. a path, a drain, easily spottable); and ii. Necessary for the reasonable enjoyment of the land; and iii. Was being used as a "quasi-easement" by the seller for the benefit of the Part being sold at the time of the conveyance

Expressly Excluding Implied Easements

Exclude all: "The Transfer Deed will contain a declaration that it will only operate to grant those easements expressly referred to and will not operate or be construed to imply the grant of other easements" p410

Exclude easements of light and air: "There is not included in the sale of part any easement of light and air which would or might interfere with or restrict the free use of the Retained Land for building or any other purpose. The Transfer to the Buyer must expressly exclude those rights" [note: SCPC 3.3 excludes implied light and air easements] p411 Consider granting or reserving specific easements for: 1

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