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Unregistered Title Crib Sheet Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 3 page long Unregistered Title Crib Sheet notes, which we sell as part of the Property Law and Practice Notes collection, a Distinction package written at Cambridge And Oxilp And College Of Law in 2016 that contains (approximately) 450 pages of notes across 126 different documents.

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Unregistered Title Crib Sheet Revision

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Unregistered Title

1. Epitome a. All documents & events affecting ownership of land from root to present day must be included in epitome including a.i. Conveyances on sale & by gift a.ii. Deaths & death certificates a.iii. Grants of representation to deceased owner's estates a.iv. Change of name of estate owners a.v. Leases a.vi. Mortgages a.vii. Discharge of legal mortgages a.viii. Documents prior to root which contain details of restrictive covenants affecting property a.ix. Memoranda endorsed on documents of title a.x. Powers of Attorney under which a document within title has been executed b. On sale of whole require originals at sellers expense SCPC 6.1.3 c. On sale of part just receive copies NOT originals

2. Root of Title a. 44 LPA 1925 Epitome commence with good root of title at least 15 years old a.i. Buyer bound by matters that would have been revealed by a title that begins with a good root a.ii. Contract specify which document is to form the root of title & generally not possible to require evidence of title prior to root 45 LPA 1925

3. Links in the Chain a. Need an unbroken chain of ownership from root of title up to present seller a.i. Check dates & names spelt correctly on Land Charges Search a.ii. Is there a power of attorney?
a.ii.1. 10 PAA 1971 gives a general power of attorney a.ii.2. 5(2) PAA 1971 person who deals directly with an attorney will take good title provided he acquires in good faith without knowledge of revocation of the power a.ii.3. Subsequent buyer will obtain protection under 5(4) PAA 1971 if a.ii.3.a. Conveyance with attorney & person who dealt with him took place within 12 months of the grant of power OR a.ii.3.b. Person who dealt directly with attorney made a statutory declaration before or within 3 months of completion of a subsequent purchase to the effect that he had no knowledge of the revocation of the power a.ii.3.b.i. Solicitor should advise client immediately to make statutory declaration on day of completion of purchase from attorney a.ii.3.b.ii. Can obtain title defect insurance for no statutory declaration being in existence a.iii. Does a document show property vested in joint tenants or tenants in common?
a.iii.1. Law Property (Joint Tenants) Act 1964 allows a buyer to assume no severance of joint tenancy before death provided a.iii.1.a. No memorandum of severance endorsed on conveyance under which joint tnenats bought property a.iii.1.b. No bankruptcy proceedings registered against names of either of joint tenants a.iii.1.c. Statement in proposed conveyance that seller solely &
beneficially entitled to land a.iii.2. If cannot sell on own then need to appoint second trustee to overreach
& dispose of any equitable interest in property

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