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Eating Disorders Notes

This is a sample of our (approximately) 4 page long Eating Disorders notes, which we sell as part of the Clinical Psychiatry Notes collection, a 1st package written at Bristol University in 2014 that contains (approximately) 47 pages of notes across 21 different documents.

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Eating Disorders Revision

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Eating Disorders

Diagnostic criteria o ANOREXIA NERVOSA
 General
 BMI <17.5 (weight loss)
 Weight loss self-induced by restricted eating especially of calorie rich foods
 Other means of weight control too o Exercise o Vomiting o Purging
 Characteristic psychopathology o Self-perception of being too fat when thin o Extreme fear of weight gain o Body shape and weight become all important
 Widespread endocrine disturbance o Amenorrhoea o Libido loss
 2 subtypes o PURE RESTRICTING (eating restraint and exercise) o BINGE-PURGING TYPE (self induced vomiting
&/or laxative misuse)
 DSM IV criteria
 Not maintain minimum body weight
 Despite being underweight=extreme fears of becoming fat
 Self perception=abnormal o Unduly emphasises weight/shape o Denies seriousness of low weight o Has distorted perception of own body shape/weight
 Weight loss=missed 3 consecutive periods/only with hormones o BULIMIA NERVOSA
 General
 Recurrent binge eating (2/7 over 3 months)
 Binge=large quantity of food in short period with loss of control
 Extreme methods of weight control o Vomiting o Purging o Starvation periods o Excessive exercise
 Persistent preoccupation with eating, sense of compulsion to eat
 Characteristic psychopathology o Self-perception=too fat o Extreme fear of weight gain

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